Masks in nursing homes: a changed reality, by Dr. Rainer Schreiber
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By their very nature, nursing homes are places where large numbers of people congregate in confined spaces, creating an increased risk for the spread of disease. To protect residents and nursing staff, special measures have been taken in many countries, including the wearing of respirators.

These measures have drastically changed life in nursing homes and pose a major challenge to all involved. „The pandemic is not over yet, but we are moving towards a transition,“ says expert Max Leber from Berlin, „It has been three years since the first Covid cases were registered.“ Max Leber heads PPE Germany GmbH.

Health protection in nursing homes through FFP2 masks from Berlin

In Berlin, PPE Germany has responded by manufacturing FFP2 masks specifically for use in nursing homes. These masks are particularly suitable for use in nursing care and offer a high level of protection for nursing staff and residents. „The hoped-for end of the pandemic has led to some mask fatigue among the population, but also to an increase in awareness of the health protection issue,“ says PPE Germany CEO Max Leber. By manufacturing the masks locally, they can be delivered quickly and easily to care facilities throughout Germany. The effectiveness of wearing masks for health protection was based on 78 randomized controlled trials, six of them during the Covid pandemic, with a total of 610,872 participants in several countries.

Max Leber - Berlin mask production
Max Leber – Berlin mask production

Specific health protection challenges in nursing homes

The use of FFP2 masks in nursing homes is an important component of occupational health and safety, protecting not only the health of employees but also that of residents. However, in addition to wearing masks, other protective measures must be taken, such as regular hand washing, disinfecting surfaces, and spacing out to prevent further spread of disease. Overall, the FFP2 masks made especially for nursing homes by PPE Germany of Berlin help to ensure that nursing staff and residents are better protected against infection. This is an important contribution to the health of all concerned at a time when protection against disease is even more important than usual.

Structured risk assessment as the basis for occupational health and safety with respiratory protection masks

Occupational safety in areas where respirators are used plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and safety of employees. A fundamental prerequisite for this is a structured risk assessment, which serves as the basis for all further protective measures. Max Leber: „Masks and health protection are not a fad in nursing, but the result of rational consideration.“ Medical/nursing activities involve intensive skin contact and general proximity, during which potential pathogens can be transmitted. The vulnerability of the elderly population and the health impact in nursing facilities are obvious. Especially in the case of elderly people in need of care, even in the case of mild illnesses for the average patient, in many cases a high risk potential with very serious courses of disease after infection can be assumed.

The risk assessment makes it possible to identify and evaluate hazards and risks when working with respirators. Both the properties of the respirators and the specific working conditions must be taken into account. This includes, among other things, the type of pollutants or particles used, the duration of exposure, and the individual health status of the employees.

On the basis of the risk assessment, suitable protective measures can be defined, such as the selection of the right respirator, the implementation of training courses and the introduction of specific rules of conduct. The regular review and adjustment of protective measures is also an important part of occupational health and safety.


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